• How should I pack my items?
  • Please make sure that all items being shipped are properly and securely packaged to prevent damage. All freight should be packaged, crated, or stacked and secured onto pallets with banding, shrink-wrap or breakaway adhesive. Labels should be placed on every freight piece. Improper packaging may decrease or nullify the carrier's liability for damage claims or loss.

  • How can I avoid receiving a re-bill?
  • When obtaining a freight quote, the type of commodity, weight, dimensions, pick-up and delivery location, and distance all influence the cost to ship. The best way to avoid a change in shipping rates is to ensure that all information given to Emjay Global at the time of booking is 100% complete and accurate. When scheduling your freight shipping, make sure you are as honest and accurate as you can be about the contents, size, and weight of your freight.

  • Why should you move your freight with us
  • Emjay Global spends time and care to first understand your needs and requirements. This allows us to tailor our services and customer services to YOUR NEEDS. We use our vast knowledge and experience to provide and advise the most efficient and effective way of handling YOUR FREIGHT. We dedicate ourselves to fulfilling your needs from start to finish by planning and executing every detail of your transaction from beginning to end. Simply put Emjay Global cares about YOU as the CUSTOMER and will go the extra mile to totally satisfy your logistics needs. Contact Emjay Global today to see how we can assist you.

  • What is Ro-Ro shipping?
  • Ro-Ro is an abreviation for the term Roll On - Roll Off. This is when cargo is driven on and then off the vessel. Ro-Ro can be used to transport tractors, Cars, Buses, Trucks or over-sized cargo overseas by loading them on a lowboy, flatbed trailor and ship them by sea.



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