Our Fares

SPRINGS CAB CURRENT METERED RATES: Fares are calculated by the use of a METER which must be activated by the driver. The applicable fares as approved by and on file with the PUC (Public Utility Commission) is:
$2.50 the first 1/9 Mile, PLUS 25 Cents for each additional 1/9 Mile or fraction of a Mile.
Waiting Time is charged at rate of 43 Cents per Minute. $25 Per Hour.
NON METER RATES: $0.50 for each passenger over age 12. 10 Cents for each bag over one passenegr (grocery bags, hand luggage, small packages, etc.) 25 CENTS FOR EACH Foot locker, large packages, golf clubs, ski's or similar pieces handled by driver. 25 Cents for all pets except seeing eye dogs and pets carried on passenger lap. 50 Cents additional for deliveries. All toll charges shall be added to the normal fare. Shared ride 20% fare reduction. Individuals or parties not traveling together who agree to share a cab to destinations in the same area or along the same route shall pay the normal shortest route fare to his or their destination, except that each such fare of $4.00 or more including non-meter charges shall be reduced by 20%. Such (No reductions shall apply to charges for pets, baggage, extra passengers). TO REPORT ANY PROBLEMS CALL THE PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION AT (303) 894-2000 EXT. 360 OR OUTSIDE THE METRO AREA AT 800-888-0170.


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